December 20th, 2006


Street Slang

Several years ago an especially inept burglar plied his trade in Loudoun County, Va. While he was at work one night in an empty house, he was seized by a universal concern. He wondered what the future held for him. So he picked up a telephone, called a psychic on a 900-number -- and used his real name in making an appointment.

The Washington Post reported: "When the homeowner found the charge on his telephone bill and alerted the sheriff, the psychic gave up the suspect's name, dropping a dime on him even though he'd had a $250 reading."

The lady had dropped a dime on him. The Random House Dictionary of American Slang dates the usage from 1966. To drop a dime is "to inform on someone by making a telephone call to police; to inform or betray; to fink, tell, crack on, squeal."

Soon, I suppose, she'll have to drop a dollar on him... or somesuch.
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I Don't Use My Spell Chck

OH, NO! I HAVE CREATED A MONSTER! I told my 80 something mother that I didn't care how she spelled... I'd rather hear than not hear. She took me at my word:

B. judt called on her way home from the store. Her cell phone kept vading so I know just where she was. It is up down and curvy for about a mile.

Two more days and you can sleep when you are sleepy, eat when you are hungery, and play when you want to.

G. and I have enjoyed the warm winter and it is suppose to change soon.

Tomorow-21- winter seltic.

I don't use my spell chck-----



What will I ever do when she's gone?