December 1st, 2006


It's a Gas

It's a gas/no gas situation today.

We have clear roads. We have no rain. We have clear skys. We are FORTUNATE. South of us not that far, they have a foot of new snow.

After I got home Wed. with the 1/2" coating of ice off the driver's window and front/back windshields (heater running at 90 on high), I was in good shape.

We were one hour late the next morning. Gas jumped from $2.11 to $2.14. I was half down, but the trap door over the tank is on the driver's side, so under 1/2" of ice.

"I'll fight with it after work," I thought, and went on to school. After work, THE PRICE WAS $2.19... the VERY SAME DAY. I still have not gassed up.

Fun Is Where You Find It

By this time on a Friday night, fun is where you find it.

I'm still at school, trying to get lesson plans done, tests written, new book packets prepared, papers graded and recorded -- typical "hot" Friday for me.

So, I'm reading along, and I hit the sentence, "Luego, en casa, cuido a tu hermano." (Later, at home, I take care of YOUR brother.)

I just can't resist! The thought of a junior girl, very bright, but very unmotivated to be all that she can be, caring for MY brother is simply irresistible. His NEW WIFE might proffer a few objections, too, but I've never met her and really have nothing to base that remark on, so I won't make it!

Instead, I add in bright red (one kid called it BLOOD RED) ink, "My brother is 53... He hardly needs care..." which will hopefully get a smile from her on Monday morning when she gets her work back.