November 23rd, 2006


Would You Care For More Dressing With That?

In the space of the last five years, he fearlessly gained 40 pounds, displaying a trencherman's appetite for life and an admirable disdain for cardiologists and Surgeon Generals whining about moderation.
    -- Martin Lewis, "Comb Back, Big Hair - All Is Forgiven", Time, December 23, 2000

Hope you all are having a happy one. This morning, IK loaded Fleur and headed for Illinois by nine, then I need to concoct something to take along at eleven when a neighbor and his wife is picking me up to go to his son's for lunch. At five, I am supposed to go to another teacher's house. So, for breakfast, I ate the last half of my piece of pecan pie that IK and I ended our special prime rib Thanksgiving dinner with last night. It was a store bought pecan pie, which, while good, does not hold a patch on my mother's. I told IK she was LUCKY I did not try to cook her one from scratch using my mother's recipe.

Obviously, the succulent pie-creating genes skipped me. The first (and last) time I tried it (for company -- how arrogant), MY DOG carried the entire pie around in her mouth for three days, unable to make a dent in it. She treated it as if it were a double-hockey-puck-sized bone designed especially for her pleasure. (Of course, in all honesty, I have to admit she'd also carry around dried cow patties picked up in the neighbor's pasture, so that's not saying much...)

Man, do I ever MISS her!