November 15th, 2006


Reading In-Service Report

We had another afternoon of in-service, letting the students out at 1:30, working in our rooms until 2, getting out of in-service at 3, and working in our rooms until 4... Needed time on task for ME, at least, after hieing off to my foreign language meeting at 3:45 yesterday.

Our topic was student motivation. (or lack of it...) Mr. K, one of our coaches and the resource room teacher, wrote, "Old school... That is the answer! Corporal punishment, say what you mean, mean what you say. I do think students "care" -- about what, I have no idea."

After a whole batch of basically negative responses as we passed the papers around the room, I added in my one minute reaction: More negative energy! Invert and teach!

(I was done on that topic. 'nuf said. Get positive and plug away at what you CAN fix.)

When it came time for the teams to give their little nugget, I did the one about motivation being harder to achieve, but essential. My friend J, who is the art teacher and was part of the giggling in the last group I was in, as well, then read out the two responses quoted above, which were on the paper HE started off on its journey around the circle.

Mr. C, the math teacher who is on a toot this year, having to teach science with no warning or preparation, said, "Tip the little dears on their heads and hang mistletoe from their rears."

Thus ended our valuable in-service for the day...

And my desk is actually organized, even though I don't have all the work graded yet. Just KNOWING what I have where is a blessing. I am ready for first hour to walk in the door and get down to business. Now, second hour, that is another story, and probably several hours' worth of grading away... :-( Back to it for me after my little dab of R & R!

Geldings Sale Close

Boy, do I ever need this to happen!

The trainer, who went off in Oct. to the Arabian Horse National Championships in Competitive Trail Riding and Endurance, wrote to me:

The Championships went great. I won the 100 mile National Championship. The geldings are doing very well, and I am working on closing the deal to sell 2 of them.

Talk to you soon.


Before this, as they set out to attend, he said, "My horse is unbeatable." He was obviously NOT whistling "Dixie", as the saying goes.

Well, I lied. I went back and looked it up. Here's what he REALLY said, "We leave next Tuesday for the Endurance National Championships. We have two horses qualified, and if I have a good run, nobody can beat my horse right now."


As "they" say, "No brag; just fact."

I requested photos when he took them off for training, and now am hoping for some mounted shots to be able to post. I *LOVE* bragging! (As bad as a mother with her kids, no?)