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Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
6:17a - Parent-Teacher Conferences

Scheduled from 4-8, my first one was at 3, and the last ended at 8:30. I had a slight break around 7, ate a bowl of soup and did NOT get to start the crackers, salami and cheese until two more parents had come and gone. That's the most successful conferences we've had in a LOOOG time.

Our junior high kids aren't performing across the board. Our state athletic society has put in a *no F* policy, in its first year, and basketball is due to begin. Parents who had never heard of No Child Left Behind are beginning to see that IF nothing happens, our school could disappear. We are down 30 students from last year.

Our school stats are always reported in the negative, but IF people are producing fewer children, not just moving the multitude around, we should be HAPPY, as our weary world is NOT in danger of having too few people any more! The "be fruitful and multiply" admonition needs to be directed at plankton, now! There's more danger of the people we do have not taking care of the world well enough not to make it unable to take care of our children's children because of our neglect/poor decisions.

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