October 27th, 2006


In Service Survival Guide, or Your Taxes At Play

In-service day was on reading. We got divided into groups of four (by the moderator) and to fill in for a teacher/teacher's daughter pair whose husband/father was in intensive care with a tumor on the brain, the principal joined our group of four.

We got the new band man, who is slightly hard of hearing and in his 70's, a "spotholder" until March when the REAL band man will graduate and come down, the art teacher (one of my long time favorite people in the area -- a former missionary whose 10 children were born all over the world -- #5, the first one I had, was a child in Peru when her brother was born. She'd lived in Turkey and Italy, and sort of spoke English. I had her in Spanish, and noticed she'd get on the right page at once there, so began giving English class directions in Spanish, too, for a bit. She was highly verbal and became a translator after dropping out of college.) The art teacher is a charismatic preacher, (Style of presentation, not branch of religion he practices...) and when he gets wound up, out comes rants that are couched in pure poetry... Highly olfactory, creative to the max, offbeat, and just a kick to have on a dry day.

We were to each read a part of a long article, then report it to our group. As a follow-up, we had to use one of the reading techniques we were reviewing, and the moderator who had selected the groups decided I should be the presenter for ours, even though usually that is left up to the group.

After the stupendous pot luck lunch, we were less than motivated to dive back in. We had a blank sheet of paper each, with our initials in the upper left corner. We were to take time to write on the topic we'd reported to our group for one minute, then pass the papers to the left. The art man was on the left, the band man on the right, and the principal facing me... So I get a sheet on MILITARY BASIC TRAINING and its importance to our society from the band man. (?? He's slightly deaf, so I'm not sure he understood the basic idea.) I was supposed to relate to it/the topic for a minute and pass it on. Jim got my one sentence one minute writing. It was a complete summary of what we'd done all day, not just what we'd read.

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