September 11th, 2006


Remember This Date As a Happy One

Mom motheremily sent me details about her wedding (to Dad, not G), and they were really cute, so I got them all ready to post when an former student returned. He didn't have me this year, but he came in over the noon hour (when I was posting) and that was that.

What 9th grade boy WILLINGLY spends his lunch with a 60 year old woman??? Go figure!

Transparency in Grading

My applied communications class had its first test today. One girl finished before the bell, so I began grading her paper when she asked to see her grade. She came up and we talked over each item she missed as it happened. She did not pass, but was okay with it by the time we got to the end. The bell rang, but she waited to see the total added into her grade. I talked to her about what would have gotten her more points on the essay, the proofreading, and the m/c and t/f sections. I was impressed with her. :-) I can't imagine being bold enough to even ask a teacher to do that with me at her age.

Dab of Humor for the Day

The seventh graders are having some correctness problems on their 100 word explanations of various topics in their packets. They select 35 points' worth of material to do, their choice, from over a hundred points' worth of choices... So, in the past week, write/right, hear/here, their/there/they're have all appeared and been discussed. Today, it was to/too/two. The student "had to questions" to answer... When I asked him to tell the difference, he found the number just fine, but was stuck trying to explain the difference between to and too.

Finally he said, "I want to go, too."

"Which choice is that?" I prompted, seconds before the bell.

"Number TWO!" he called back as I dismissed them.