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pandemo's Journal

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Friday, July 14th, 2006
10:10p - Warm Fuzzy

    A while back, my sister sent me this card.

    Inside, it said, "Never give up!"

    Oh, did I howl with laughter! LOL just doesn't cut it. I was beyond ROFLOL!

Edit: Well, that didn't work very well. You can't see the thing!

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10:47p - Warm Fuzzy

Never Give Up!

My sister wrote: I found this when I was looking for an anniversary card for Mom and G. I burst out laughing right in the store.

Two clerks said, "Which one?"

I showed them. They both loved the card, but didn't have anyone to send it to. I told them I had a 60 year old single sister.

"Gasp! And you can *send* it to her?"

"Yup! She'll laugh as hard as we did." I'm supposed to "keep you" because you're more rare and than the biggest diamond ever found. Yup!

Love you!

Never Give Up!

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