May 17th, 2006


Senior Skip Day a Bust -- Literally

Then Monday was "senior skip day". One girl, whose mother is on staff, broke her wrist in an accident when she was dumped from a FOUR WHEELER... They were at the PRESIDENT of the school board's house at the time... Needless to say, no official notice that anything happened resulted. No repercussions. Think it will happen again???

At lunch, the secretary said, "I admire ___. This morning, she said her daughter was 'sick'. Now she admitted how the accident happened, and where, while the other parents are still covering for their kids."

We have had rumors of a senior skip day for years, but this is the first time I can ever remember most of the kids actually DOING it. Yes, it puts several in danger of not passing. Smart move, huh?

Four stayed in school. One was an adopted girl from Russia. I'm not sure she quite knew what was going on. Her foster parents are very religious, so I suspect she was "brought" to school. I noted in the announcements that she was late...

One boy announced one day in Spanish to the girls in the class that it was definite, he was expecting. I had to scurry around at lunch to see who the other half was. (EVERYONE else knew. I NEVER know.) Yesterday, he was talking about moving out and renting a small house for the 15 year old and himself. (He's 19, but dropped out his junior year... He's not passing English, so it will be a while before he can "really" graduate. He just got employed at the one manufacturing plant still left in the area -- Rubbermaid. His dad is training him to take over his job as night supervisor, which will kick him up to $11 something an hour. With no high school diploma. I wish him well. Last year, it was highway road work.)

So many troubled families...

Responded my sister:

I don't understand why parents will cover for the kids when it's a matter of not passing and graduating. That's a parenting problem!! When I did day care all my problems were parent problems:) sigh.

Iowa Hotbed of Mumps Infection

The news has been full of an outbreak of mumps among college aged students. Iowa was described in one account I heard as a "hotbed" of mumps infection. Sort of like being known for the underground???

Well, I don't doubt that we have it. Doses were rushed to public health facilities in 39 of our 99 colleges, and many people took advantage of the help. Here, in our county (not one with a college, nor widely spreading infection, after the rush elsewhere was over, we got it!

One Kid Out

I have one student out with the mumps and a bunch of her friends who are "sick" each day in class... But when I asked, they said, "Stomach." One girl left yesterday for an emergency trip to the BR. When she came back in, I wasn't supposed to hear comments about when her last period was and if she could be pregnant. Malicious? That class can't get along, and "best friends" act so much like enemies that I wonder...

But, one boy in another class confessed to a classmate gleefully that he was going to be a father...