March 23rd, 2006


Spring Has Sprung

We're down to less than 45 days (exact count pending decision on what to do about Tuesday's snow day make-up). After being sick a week ago Friday, going back to school on Monday, which proved to be too soon, running a fever by day's end, and having it drop into bronchitis, I missed four days straight.

Spring's advent seems to have created a bit of restlessness in the natives. I told one entire group that if I ever got a complaint from a sub about one of them BY NAME again, it was an automatic detention. They know what they are here for; they know the classroom rules (the sub may or may NOT, no matter what I say or where I put it). Ultimately, THEY are responsible for their own learning and the positive effect it can produce in their lives. Sometimes that's a hard idea for a seventh grader to hang onto.

Needless to say, you can READ in the class again now, and most are functioning at some level. It's been a LOOONNG year, though.

Why is that? I seem to hear the intrepid among you ask, albiet (albeit according to lj spell check) exceedingly softly... Well:
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