February 14th, 2006


Poor Choices

I worked the game last night — girl’s championship between rival Corydon and Seymour. One mouthy parent irritated the ref, so he approached our coach and requested she be removed. He AGREED with the guy in such a way that the guy decided he was being sarcastic (that’s just his personality). When the coach tried to explain, he said, “I’m agreeing with you.” and the guy kicked the COACH OUT. What a ruckus! We were losing by a huge amount beforehand, so it’s not as if it changed the outcome, but, really, folks — give your kids a fair chance!... Set a good example.

Generally, after the second half starts, they release the ticket-taker. Nobody came. Finally, when the coach got kicked out, he left, (probably to cool off) then came back and relieved me. What a night!

The Wayne kids were really neat. They dressed up and got all enthusiastic. As they came in, some wanted their hands marked. I had a marker that would write on people, and was poking silly dots on the backs of left hands. One fellow asked for a smiley face. I joked that I hadn’t had art for a century and got the whole group laughing, so I drew a smiley face. The next one in line wanted a smiley with a Mohawk. I obliged. So, I offered the next guy in line, also one goofily dressed and body painted in Wayne colors, a horse for the Mohawked guy to ride... So after that, they got horse heads. All the rest of the time, people kept coming up for horse heads instead of dots. ONE Seymour kid got a horse head. About 50 Wayne kids did. I did ONE adult, too. (Fraternizing with the enemy, right???)

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I'm not the "romantic" type, I guess, so I never really put much emotional involvement into Valentine's Day. (Well, that's not exactly true, but you have to be talking ROMANTICISM as in the literary and artistic period, not hearts and flowers and love forever after.)

I heard from Garrison Keillor today that St. Valentine, a priest whose ruler forbid marriage in the belief that it kept his soldiers from fighting as well if they'd rather be home with their wives and children, decided to take a stand and was marrying people on the sly. He was executed when caught... Not a very romantic ending! He literally died for love, which is pretty tough, when you're a celibate priest! Guess I'd never questioned how we got this holiday.

But, today, one of my seventh grade readers drew me a heart in his log and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day; one of the FCCLA girls brought in a bucket of flowers and had me pick out a long-stemmed red rose ready to open, and last hour, another girl delivered a huge iced Valentine's Day cookie. Unbelievable! And, you know, it all worked -- we were all in good moods today. (Some were downright silly!)