January 5th, 2006


Katrina Aftereffects


A puppy boom rises in Katrina's ruins

'I've never seen so many puppies in my life'

Wednesday, January 4, 2006 Posted: 1710 GMT (0110 HKT)

Best Line:

...Workers have yet to see a spike in cat births, but there's no doubt about what dogs have been doing since the hurricane....


Maybe if they'd looked for a felix, instead of a spike, they'd have found kittens...

Logical extrapolation:

Does this mean that, come May, we're going to see a PEOPLE BOOM?

Off topic aside:

Hey, Mom, I want that cute little chocolate brown one. Can you keep him until L. gets there? Maybe she can claim him as under the seat baggage and bring him home... (He reminds me of Brown He, the chocolate lab I got for Black She... The dog that caused Dad to exclaim, "Why don't you give that dog a name, not a pronoun," thereby forever proving that engineers DO know their English... Ah, I miss him! I miss my dogs!)