September 5th, 2005



Two days running. Today, she didn't say, "This is your Saturday morning call." (She's pretty regular -- between 8:15-8:30...) On Monday afternoon, she changed it to, "It's NOT your Saturday call." We shared a warm laugh.

This one came in sometime in the middle of the afternoon.

Hey, I'll take it!

"L. recharged the cell phone's battery overnight, then brought it back over for me to use..."

(Commotion in the background.)

"Someone's at the door.... Answer the door, honey."

"You'd better come, E."

"Here, talk to S." So, I also got to talk to a somewhat reluctant G.

"That's the red cross at the door. (amazement in his voice.) They come every day. Today, they have HOT FOOD. Shrimp (something -- I forgot, but a definitely SOUTHERN dish...)"

Mom comes back to the phone. "We have HOT FOOD. It smells great! The churches are cooking."


"I will, in a minute."

I still wanted to talk to her, but I made her hang up. Warm food ONCE A WEEK deserves to go first. I made her hang up. I was sorta hoping she'd call back, but with the list of who all wants to hear, I can understand that she just couldn't get around to it all. I wonder if the got the friend who is the poet laurate of ___ (MS? AL?) called? Sweet lady. I hope so.