July 22nd, 2005


Another Loss

J. called this morning to tell me about Awsom. She'd foaled 21 days ago, and had a fist-sized lump. He finally had the vet out, as it did not go down. The vet decided it was serum, and tried to drain it... But it was a rupture, and contained intestines. So he took my truck and his trailer up to Ames, where they did an operation for $1000 charged to a credit card before they would start. She was not repairable. He's sick, and now raising the filly as an orphan.

He's got milk replacer, and she's drinking out of a bucket, so he's lucky that way. Milk bottle/lamb's nipple is a lot longer haul. He'll have to get her fed every 5-6 hours for a while. She's busy trying to suck on her cousins... who are maiden mares, and not having any of it.

He was in tears in the trailer with the filly all the way home while his mother tried to master the intricacies of a clutch five speed. All arrived safely. His mother was thankful for the air conditioner in the truck. Hauling in this heat is no fun, but when you have an emergency like this, you do what you've got to do.

I've been on the phone more today than in the last two weeks all together. J.'s mother called after they got back to his place, then J. interrupted her call... Sad times.