July 16th, 2005


Another "Minnesota Disease" Example

A different writer, this time, but the same problem: Dropped -ly endings. In Angel of Mercy, Heather Graham Pozzessere writes on p. 138, "Her hair fell free(ly) about her face..." I've added the proper ending so readers can try it both ways to see how we are losing the distinction between adjectives and adverbs.

(She's also using alliteration, here, even though that is more of a poetry figure of speech, and something I personally like. Does it outweigh the irritation at finding the missing -ly? Well, I'm here, writing this, instead of continuing to read, so a good writer should worry about language that distracts the reader from their message and makes them contemplate the WAY the story is written. I'm not trying to GRADE my recreational reading -- I want to ENJOY reading it.)

As long as the word is describing HOW or in what manner an action is done, I want to see that good old adverbial ending in play.