July 5th, 2005


D's Moma-ism

Oldgraymare and I were companionably talking and goofing around when she got hungry. We're both trying to lose weight, so the house rule is, when you're hungry, eat. When you're full, stop. No companionable eating because someone else is.

But old manners die hard. As she was talking and laughing, she took a bite of her sandwich, covered her mouth most charmingly and quipped, "I shouldn't eat with my mouth full."

ROTFL! Both of us! Continuously. Hopefully, this post will cause her to do it again, even now when we're miles apart. Everyone's life needs a companionable laugh among friends! I'm glad she's one of mine.

Named Coqet's Foal Finally

The original name, BayOBoy (BoyOBoy was the full brother last year) just wasn't classy enough to suit J. when he was here, and I had to admit, I agreed with him. But now we have a real classy name for him -- Pandemonium My Corvet -- a real classy model, no?

Ketty is AFRAID to have fly spray put on her. She spooks at the SMELL even when I am trying to pour it on instead of using the spray with that telltale spritz noise. Weird. I think it is because the first time I sprayed her this year, Vet took off like a, dare I say it? Sports car.... Varrrooomm!

I actually put up a page for him, but did not make the link, as I don't have any photos on it yet -- still haven't taken the camera in to be repaired, or figured out how to post a still from the DVD camera.