July 3rd, 2005


Water Hole Wild Life

My front pasture has a creek that runs through it which totally dries up in hot weather. The horses have pawed a sort of watering hole right before it exits the property, and in bug weather, the thin skinned among them have learned to go roll in the mud, using a coating of mud as cheap, natural bug resistance.

We had two sudden storms come through, dropping hail and heavy rain when the weatherman had declared it would all go north of us. I figured it was the neighbor's fault: he'd cut down my hay... so, two nights running, we soaked it through. Good for the quality, you know.

As I went along the edge of the pasture pulling jewel weed, cockelburrs and ragweed plants out by the roots while the ground was saturated enough to allow the only thorough weed control I know works 100%, I spooked a great blue heron.

Say what? In a two inch deep creek? In a foot deep water hole? Don't they eat fish? Fish, last I heard, required WATER, consistently, not once every three-four weeks, to survive. The water in the creek comes from run-off on hills, not a known fish-breeding place in my mind.

He was beautiful, confused, but beautiful. Of course, I don't take my camera along on weed duty, so I missed any possibility of a really up close shot of him.