June 30th, 2005


Something Blue

Something old: a nearly outdated package of Lipton's Noodles Alfredo
Something new: making a substitution in the ingredients listed on the back
Something borrowed: my enthusiasm for tasting the concoction
Something blue: my reaction to both the color and taste afterward.

Yep, postponing the trip to town for white milk, etc. was definitely not in my long-term interests. Noodles Alfredo will not soon satisfy or replace my addiction to chocolate.

Bring on the bite sized Butterfingers!

Still Chuckling

I'm still chuckling over a line in a promo for the upcoming Capital Steps July 4th show, slated to air Monday night, July 4st, at 6:30 pm (central daylight time).

"What's faster than a runaway bride, more surprising than a finger in your chile, and louder than John Bolton firing an employee?"

If you can't find a station in your area that offers it, hook up to WOI-fm via computer here.

Edit: (time of broadcast added above) and these comments.

They are always uniformly excellent, and definitely POLITICALLY INCORRECT to the max. They always include the wittiest tang tungled song that you really need to hear and hear to get all the stuff straight. My all time favorite was on Bill and Hillery. I can't remember if they have archives, or not. I know they have a web site. If this edit weren't taking place at nearly 3 am, I might have the energy to LOOK IT UP in a search engine...

Edit #2:
Well, that was slightly confusing! I tuned in at 8:30 and heard, not The Capital Steps, but The Des Moines Symphony, giving their annual Fourth of July concert ON THE CAPITAL STEPS...