June 6th, 2005


She's Open!

Angelina and Canta Libre were duly hauled to the vet, and both thankfully vet checked open, but the trip itself had its own Pandemonium side. Even though we began several hours early, we managed to pull in late. We met the vet coming in, also late... with a half dozen clients ahead of us.

Because the day was hot and muggy, we did things in spurts. Early early, we went out to hitch up the trailer. The nose of the truck pointed downhill, and the residue of the winter's rock hauling still sat in the front end, with the dust from the gravel blocking the drainage pours in the bed. I had not dug out a nail to clean them out with, so before hitching up the trailer, I decided to empty the water out by pointing the nose sharply up hill. Once the majority of it had cascaded out, Oldgraymare stored her ice cooler so she could fill it for the trip home, and also to keep meat, etc. safely while we "horsed around" in town.

The borrowed trailer had a flat tire. It was sitting in my yard, high grass growing around it where Coqet has not gotten around to mowing yet. It's been there since the horses did NOT go up to be trained this past spring. With some excellent guidance from Oldgraymare, we got the trailer hooked up, but when I pulled it forward to make tension against the hitch to be sure the sleeve was slid home properly, the tire on the passenger's front was in two pieces... rim to rim. Obviously, a blowout. Can a trailer have a blowout sitting still? Or had I just discovered the REAL reason the horses had not gone off for spring training?

We went inside and cooled down a bit.

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