June 3rd, 2005


The Birth

I did the 4 am hourly check in a pretty peaked condition. Coqet was not outlined by the yard light against the fence where she'd been standing nightly for quite a while now. I checked behind the house, but she was not there, where she'd foaled last year, either.

Ah, she must be hidden by the end of the house. I slipped sockless into my oldest shoes and schlepped around the corner of the house. Empty. I headed out into the pond pasture where she goes for water most of the time, even though I keep a huge wheelbarrow full of rural water for her right under the faucet. Sometimes she drinks there, but more often, she plays with the chemical-laden water, then hikes around to the pond for her liquid refreshment. So, I, too, hiked carefully around to the pond, sorry after I had set out that I had not taken a flashlight.

As I reached a part where she had let the path deterioriate, I heard a sound behind me. I'm SURE I checked that area thoroughly enough not to have missed a thousand pound mare, even if she were on her side...
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Yesterday Was a Good Day

Yesterday was a good day, but not for the obvious reasons.

I didn't get to go to a birthday celebration for my sister -- she simply lives too far away to make it feasable.

My mare didn't foal on her birthday -- she missed it by four hours, doing it at 4 am.

I didn't get a Pinto filly -- maybe not even a healthy foal -- time will tell if it suffers from exhaustion or brain damage. I'm undecided if I need to call the vet, or not.

I didn't get done at school -- I still have inventory to take.

My friend Oldgraymare did not get to come -- her brakes were bad. But she is coming soon, just probably not today...

I am late going back to school today -- But that means I have to clean up (I can hardly sit here typing this before showering, I've gotten into such a state... and YES, thank you, I DID shower before bed last night...)

A long-time friend has made an offer for Angelina, one I think we can both live with. She wants a trail riding horse and broodmare, both what she was bred to be. Time will tell, but the deal looks good now. This will be the second sale for the year, if it goes through, and will be a big enough one to make a difference for a while.

Foal's Okay

I buried this in a series of exchanges with A Cool Secretary, but I thought it might be better as a separate entry.
The baby is now fine. He's got the right location for dinner, and can run, will follow the dam now. I drove up, and he was in the "nursing" position on her blind side. He walked under her belly, came out the other side feeling frisky and ran a bit. Then he wanted to lay down, but couldn't quite manage that one. Several attempts later, he gave up. It's just TOO FAR DOWN.

Coqet wanted to come to me, but he ran off the other way... he won, at first, but eventually, she brought him over, then took him down the lane to her favorite spot at the end of the trailer beside the fence. The herd was drinking, so as soon as someone saw the new baby, they charged, en mass. Coqet was too nervous yet for that exuberant a welcome, so she took him back into the pond pasture, and the herd lined the opposite fence, gazing raptly at him over the driveway. Seeing him now for the first time, no one would even know he had a close call this morning.

Now, he's got the getting up and down solved, and does so with great aplomb. He laid down too near the fence separating him from the herd, so Coqet was busy laying her ears back and keeping everyone at least 20' down the fence line from him. Finally, she got him up and moved him across the driveway from the fence, where he again lay down promptly.

I called the school secretary and told her I'd see her Monday -- then called the vet to do the check on Angelina, which is slated for Monday at 11:30... Things are getting a bit crowded. I'm definitely in Grandmother Mode.