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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
7:53a - I Am SOOO *NOT* Complaining

The weather forecast got it wrong again. Last night, it was supposed to switch from ice to snow, LOTS of snow. This morning, the expected drifts did not materialize. We're still in the "gee, it's sleeting" stage. Sleet does NOT accumulate near as readily as snow. My north house windows still don't have the first prediction's worth of 1/4" of ice. I AM *NOT* COMPLAINING. Once ice gets to 1/8" or more on everything, more is just overkill, gilding the lily, so to speak. You don't have to coat phone and electrical wires to the breaking point to make a mess of things. Roads with 1/8" of ice clear-coated onto them are just as deadly as ones with 1/4"...

We're now supposed to get sleet during the morning, but have it switch to snow and accumulate 7-11 inches overnight. The wind is up, the temps down, and the wind chill is horrendous. One thing about sleet: it does NOT blow into huge drifts and block the driveway. Whoever thought I'd EVER be praising a quality of sleet?

Last night at 10 or so, the superintendent called. I prefer that to 5 am. He was grumpy, so I told him about the winter where we went to school 5 complete days during the entire month of January. He said not to even mention it. (We also made up snow days on SATURDAYS, with about 1/3 of the students in attendance, and that sixth day of the week in a row was HORRID, light load or no...) The state finally stepped in and reduced the required number of days for affected areas, which was most of southern Iowa...

We'll all hate it come June when we're still in that building, sans climate control, sticking to the books and papers every time we touch anything...

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8:23a - Normally, I Don't Pay Any Attention, But...

My Horoscope


The universe is downright insisting that you turn your attention toward your checkbook. And that doesn't mean just balancing it, either. You need to go over all your finances with a fine-tooth comb now. Once you're done, if you need to put your foot down about a bill, a debt or what someone owes you, go right ahead. You're famous for your easy, cooperative nature -- but that doesn't mean you should allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

This is SO written for J...

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