October 27th, 2004


Cold Season

Snuffle, snuffle, slurp.

LE: "I came prepared today. I have a terrible cold." He pulled wads of tp out of the pouch on his sweat shirt, took another double hand-ful out of his pocket, then got some more from his jeans pocket. Turning to his classmate, he asks, "Would you like some TP?"

LW: "No thanks. I'm good to go."

And they BOTH looked at ME strangely when I burst out laughing...


For Homecoming, we do goofy dress, a different theme each day. I usually barely participate. One year, however, I did pajama day. It seems my sister's granddaughter bought me a pink SNOOPY nighty... and I put jeans under it and wore it. Then I remembered I was out of milk, so I ended up going shopping, still in Snoopy...

Everywhere I went, I bumped into school employees, all redressed in "normal" clothing. But I live 12 miles in the wrong direction to go home and change, and a total of a 50 mile round trip to the "big" town where milk and bread are 50-75 cents cheaper... so I just WENT... as is.

Some girls from a local high school (NOT the one I teach in) asked, "Are you a teacher?"




"It had to be. Nobody else would dare wear an outfit like that to town."

So, this summer, my sister sent me not one new nighty, but TWO. One red with a red, white and blue apple on the front, and one navy blue with a flag on front. So, what was the first day's funny dress? Pajama Day. I wore the red one. Second Day? Twin day. I couldn't find anyone to be a twin with, so I wore the blue one, then said I was my own twin...

They counted it as participating... I did NOT go to town in my get-up this year.

Just another chapter in my "eccentric" legend.