August 18th, 2004


Size Matters, # 2

Yesterday, I had my first disappointment with my new car. I found something it couldn't do that I REALLY wanted to do. I tried to buy a swivel rocker and it was 2" bigger than the door to the back seat. I couldn't haul it home.

My goal of finishing my first book and sending it off someplace has been at risk all summer. Lots of excellent company (People DO come first!) got me behind, but the most entangling issue was having printer problems. In early June, the printer's toner cartridge started to run out. The replacement one ordered by catalog was to arrive in a week to 10 days. I kept writing, making changes big and small all over the already written part of the book, storing them on line and in the computer attached to the printer. But eventually, I decided I'd waited for my new cartridge patiently LONG ENOUGH, too long. I simply couldn't remember all the stuff accurately enough, and looking on screen meant looking at one thing at a time.

A call to the catalog company turned up a backorder (June order, late June b/o report) and the offer to DROP the order completely, which I decided NOT to do, as eventually, I'd still need a new cartridge. I started calling computer stores I'd used over the years. That turned up CLOSED STORES. LOTS AND LOTS OF CLOSED STORES.
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