August 6th, 2004


Flying With Eagles

As he walked across the roof, I had no problem tracking his progress. While I've been reading various Tony Hillerman novels, I've been hearing footprints on the roof at various times for quite a while now, but kept convincing myself the raccoons had not climbed the poplar tree growing hard against the back of the trailer. Today, I was on page 33 of the fourth one, The Blessing Way. Talk about coincidences...

But today, I could hear him leave the tree and walk across the top of the roof. I could see his shadow cover the living room window. All of it, as he evidently leaned over the roof, looking things over.

He was just feet from the front door. A skunk doesn't climb trees like that. It has to be a 'coon, I told myself. I snatched the front door open, pushed the screen door out and leaned far out to see up on the roof.

My 'coon TOOK OFF. I didn't get to see his head, but he was a brown body over a foot long with a wingspan as wide as my arms! He flew straight away from the trailer into the neighbor's field and began making circles in the air, back lit so I couldn't see him clearly. Golden? Brown?

I'm still in shock! An eagle on my roof!