August 4th, 2004



Yesterday was an exercise in frustration. I was finally ready to start on the printouts of an edited part of my story, using the $20 "going out of business" cartridge, as the new one I ordered in June is still on backorder. The used one has a just lovely gray border down one side that is nearly an inch wide, but it DOES print all the places I have words, which the old, dying one does not.

I didn't get one single sheet printed during the entire day. I kept getting the "jammed" error message. Well, with no paper IN it, and nothing printed, there was no jam to clear. I decided it had overheated while I was getting set up. I shut it down. The jam cleared. I turned it on and sent something. The jam reappeared.

The electricity then went off, and stayed off for nearly three hours.

When things were again working, I finally got back to fiddling with the printer, which had turned itself back on when the electricity came back on. So, I still don't know if I have an overheating problem, or something more sinister... With the new car, I really can't afford a new printer, too.