July 12th, 2004


Hands Are For Petting

If you love to "horse around" click the link...

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I got turned down for house trailer insurance by one company who claimed horses were "an attractive nuisance".

Well, I'm not sure that's what they meant, but I sure find my herd attractive!

My farm slogan is (Every horse here knows) "Hands are for petting". Are YOU brave enough to brave entering my pasture?

I'll put out a few more from my June '04 roll of film as I get the pages posted so I have the requisite URL for lj to use to display them.

Boyoboy Pandemonium

It is dawn, and Boy, is my front yard ever full of Pandemonium!

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Cool, can you add a cut line in small black type to the grass in front of his front feet that identifies the photographer as Hugus '04 and to the grass right in front of Stephanie's knee in the other one, then email them to me?

Eyes That SEE

Last Wednesday when I had my eye exam, it cost a little more, (what doesn't nowadays?), but they also did something more -- they took a picture of the inside of each eye. The chart on the wall showed some large grapefruit with a yellow nipple crossed with red veins -- very pretty from an artistic standpoint.

When she finished and displayed mine, I could easily see that they matched the "normal" set. There were a few darker areas in places, which she called "freckles" and said were normal. She also said that in future exams, these would be compared to be sure they did not grow.

This all made me think of a science fiction story I'd read long ago about an alien who was living in America incognito. He had an old housekeeper who was used to his "peculiar ways" (he was famous for something, but I forget what). For some reason, he had to have an identity scan, which involved retinal prints. He tried to talk them out of it, and one examiner said, prophetically, "Nobody ever went blind from a retinal scan."

I think the alien was afraid of being found out to be an alien, but, of course, he went blind and the rest of the story was quite sad as he was totally reliant on this old woman who was not his intellectual equal at all.

I must not be an alien... I didn't go blind. :-)