July 8th, 2004


Eyes Gray, Not Checked

So Tuesday I headed up to Des Moines to get my eyes checked, and eventually came to the startling discovered that they were gray, same as always...

But along the way, I car dealer hopped. The unintended consequence of that was spending the night and setting out as soon as things opened the next morning, but not getting to the eye doctor until nearly 2 pm on Wed. His first open appointment was at 3:30, so I made sure my old frames would still work, ate some lunch, and went back. From there, I walked across the corridor to the lenscrafters place and got the prescription filled. They have a one hour guarantee. I had to really push to get BACK before they closed at 9... In my new car.

At the first Indianola car place, Noble Ford/Mercury, I slowed down ten feet inside the lot, looking at a blue Taurus. Instantly, a buyer's assistant was in attendance, and what a gem he was! I tried the Taurus and DID NOT like it at all. The Mercury Sable was nice, but my mom had one that didn't hold up well. The salesman's assistant there was my pick of all the guys I dealt with -- a soft-spoken fellow named Pat Nichols just recently up from Mississippi. We hit it off great, and I kept cracking him up accidentally.

I also drove a used Saturn that was there on the lot just because of the way I'd heard they were built. The strong cleaner smell was trapped in the car, so poor Pat cried all through that test drive, yet remained cheerful. helpful, and upbeat. (1-800-383-1400 and ask for Pat if you want a low pressure, honest experience as you pick out your auto. I'd be in one of his cars if I picked by way I was treated. And, NO. I did NOT resurrect my southern accent when I talked to him!)

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Tortoise Shell Cat Solution

Last night, when I finally got home, I was too tired to mess with Mistress Myrrh's mayhem directed toward what surely must be her half sister, if not even a litter mate. After Myrrh began to chow down inches from the door, I spread a second scoop of cat food on the second and third steps down. I MAY end up feeding a coon, but since I was not home last night or this morning to put out anything, I had enough cats sitting around to possibly dispose of everything edible before friendly coon showed up.