July 4th, 2004


The Teachers and the Bear

One day during the week of June 1, students at a NY elementary school attended by cousin's children Cory and Sam could not go out on the school ground for recess. There had been a "bear sighting".

My 77 year old aunt says that bears are appearing more frequently around her area. She adds, "They say you can do anything if you have to, but I do not think I could outrun a bear if it came into our yard... I don't even walk fast any more."

In a July 2 email, she adds:

The bear came over the mountain;

The bear came over the mountain;

The bear came over the mountain;

and this is what we saw;

(Nicky and Karen had this photo hanging on our back deck when we came home one day)

Last Saturday at 7:45 A.M. Karen, Katie and Sam were driving past our lower driveway and at first glance, Karen thought we had gotten a large bear silhouette for our yard, until it moved. They watched a bear lumber off into the lower lot.

Sooooooooooo I can assure you we watch the woods very carefully when we go out to hang clothes. I do not wish to test whether you stand still when you see a bear, or try to make it to the house. :o)

Have a wonderful week end. We plan a quiet one, but you never know around here.

Rest Assured

Jess learned a hard lesson the other day. He was unemployed all throughout the month of May, and of course, things piled up.

Lots and lots of things, like bills, like three vehicles at the light where he was stopped. His bumper got rammed by the car behind him, who was hit by a gal going about 40. Jess saw her coming in his rear view mirror, so he braced himself and was uninjured instead of having a whiplash type injury, but in the insuing investigation, he was ticketed anyway. Not for any fault in the accident, as both he and the car behind him were at a complete stop, patiently waiting for the light to change, but for not carrying insurance, which is required in Iowa.

The ticket ran to the tune of $900. Say what? If someone can't afford their insurance premium, how on earth will they pay the FINE? Looks like his income tax check has just found a home.

He admitted that since he was 23 and had never had an accident, he decided he never would, and deliberately did not renew it, paying other bills instead.

Rest assured, if you tempt fate like that, she will willingly oblige you...