June 26th, 2004


Scattered Showers

It rained on the trailer Thursday night, sometime after midnight. I could hear the drops pinging on the bathroom sky light, and the next morning, the porch was wet. The car in front of the trailer and the truck on the west were wet. Five feet away, to the east where the new seeding starts, the ground was DRY. Now that's RIDICULOUS!

Walking on the Wild Side

Cousin Steve and I sat on the bench talking from sunset until the 11 pm jazz program came on the radio. The wild tortoise shell cat patiently waited at the end of the board walk to get at the cat food poured out at the end of the bench.

Steve and I came in to read email when I heard my "dog" chewing cat food again. "Listen," I told Steve, "I think the coon's back."

Turning on the porch light, there was the wild tortoise shell cat under the bench and the coon right at the house door, chewing away.

Steve's thirteen-year-old daughter Stephanie was brushing her teeth, so we had to drag her out to see the coon. She's had a wide variety of pets, including a coon, over the years, so she wanted to see if this fellow (girl?) was friendly. He finally crawled under the pasture gate and left -- just plain too much action.

So, did the wild cat then get to claim the food alone? Nope. Myrrh, who had eaten her fill earlier, as she was a former house cat and NOT afraid of quiet people talking on a bench, came and sat in front of it, spitting and growling every time the wild one, who has not even been named, tried to come eat.