May 27th, 2004


Hail to Thee, Our Alma Mater -- Literally

I was still at school until nearly 7, thinking I could finish up easily this morning. Ha! I spent all morning fixing up an AR order, which a gal stopped by to pick up minutes after I got done... and it went downhill from there. I had spent more money than he asked me for, but since that part was ready to go, it probably will go through, as all he had to do was make ONE phone call and say, "I authorize it", which is about as painless as I can make it. I'd gone through the library to make sure we did not own any of the volumes, through the list of quizzes to be sure we did not already have any of the titles (yes, we DO have title-less quizzes, as odd as that sounds) and was in the process of checking another list that was books we had, but did not have quizzes for, that now had quizzes available. That project got interrupted by lunch.

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