April 16th, 2004


Water Tank Woes

Last night, I got home an hour earlier because I just went right from the night school class to the water tank. It was empty, but only a few feet from the fence, and still upright. I didn't holler for them at all -- just pushed it over against the post and turned on the water. They came on the fly.

I bought that tiny tank so I'd have one somewhere that I could move by myself in case I needed to be able to water someone in an unusual place... But now I am thinking that if that tiny tank is to be their main water source, I need to replace it with one I CAN'T MOVE alone... (but they probably could...) that will hold at least one day's water supply at a time. Most of my tanks are so big they take 5-8 hours to fill gravity flow from the pond... (They don't move those around).

But, Crem climbs into the one they have access to in the summer. She walks her front end into the tank, then paws like crazy, showering herself and everyone nearby. She's a character. Her full sister, Mocha, was drinking out of the outlet pipe before the water hit the tank last night. Guess she likes hers fresh. The temps we've been having, I doubt she was doing it to get cooler water. Pride took the loose end of my jacket through the fence while I was petting and playing with the noses through the fence. I didn't realize it until they'd all wandered away and the tank was full when I turned to leave. My string to draw the jacket tight around the bottom hooked me tight to the fence. I knew immediately which imp had caught me!

The stars were gorgeous.

Gacked From Chimp

Alternate Friday Five

1) What was your favorite television show as a child?
Only ONE??? The Lone Ranger... then Zorro, the Gay Blade, The Gene Autry Show, then Roy Rogers, The Cisco Kid (Coolest horse and accent...) All these guys jumped from rooftops onto their horse's backs without them bucking them off.... I'm jealous. I never did get that one down pat.

2) What televised real life event do you remember most vividly? Please do not use September 11th, as it's pretty fresh/universal.
JFK's demise

3) What show do you currently wish would just curl up and die, already?
Haven't watched for 20+ years, so, this is OLD -- Green Acres

4) What show will you never forgive the network in question for canceling?
It's a Man's World

5)Best commercial ever?
Cog. The British one for Honda Accord that was 3 minutes long... that American execs said would never work over here. Super cool. I posted a link to it when it first came out.