April 11th, 2004


Turkey Day in April

Today, after weeks of 60-70 degree temps, we got into the upper 20's. The frost is heavy on the car windows, the fields and the TURKEYS are strutting and fanning. I can see seven of them from my front porch. The other day, while trying to fix a fence, I hit a flock that must have been 50 strong on the back 40. They've made quite a come-back.

First season starts tomorrow. Bet I hear shotguns at dawn.

She's Late, She's Late

I'm about 100 pages behind in my college text book, which does NOT read fast like a novel...

and Jess brought Chime back -- he has to sell his farm, so he's not leasing her any more. He never did get around to giving me the lease fee. He borrowed my truck to do the hauling, but returned it half a tank empty. I had it tip top full in case the little car's engine goes poof suddenly so I can still get to school and back and college and back until payday, so I am a bit miffed with him.

Then his mom invited me over for the family Easter dinner. Five of her 8 kids showed up. It was funny. His younger sister Jen had her boyfriend, and his younger brother Jed had his girlfriend there and here comes Jess with -- an old lady.

Ham, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cherry cheese cake, chocolate pie, fruit salad... and I chipped the corner off a tooth yesterday, so I was eating slowly and carefully. Lots of weird jokes and good talk. I haven't seen Nancy for a while. It was fun.