March 17th, 2004


Birds in the Snow, or Paradise Is For the Birds

Our birds came back when the weather got warm in February. They GOOFED. The snow got deep,and their food was suddenly buried and unavailable.

Robins, a scarlet tanenger, and lots of other less well-recognized birds coated the highway yesterday morning, which was the only large area without snow. Of course, it was also without food. As I drove by, flock after flock took flight, resettling on the road behind me. Many individual birds also would dart up.

One nondescript colored small bird was sitting on the oncoming lane as I approached. It flew up, then swooped toward my windshield, smacking into the glass near the top of the passenger's side. I could not see if he survived, but it is unlikely.

A suicide bomber left over from the filming of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds? Or just a confused victim of the reflection of what he saw as paradise?