March 16th, 2004


Let It Snow, Let It ... Be, Let It Melt ... (Think Medley, here...)

We went to school two hours late. I SLID down the hill and into the highway in the little car. When I hit the highway, the tires grabbed, so I did a "Dukes of Hazard" type right angle turn at speed (well, faster than I wanted to be going!) and went on up the hill. I shudder to think where I'd have ended up had the paving not been cleared off.

Last night about 9 pm I shoveled the walk (as we were not supposed to get much more) and took the truck up and down the driveway to make a good solid path. Then when I got it back to the top of the hill, I could not get it reversed so it was facing down the driveway, so I parked it out of the way in case the drive had to be plowed, or I was barely under way in the little car on the way home tonight.

I was as prepared as I could get for being on time to work, so I was glad when the 5:56 call came in from the superintendent. When I passed it on to Jim, his son had a phone by the bed and grabbed it first, obviously out of a sound sleep... And since I said, "Bonjourno, dos horas más tarde." instead of saying anything sensible, he was totally lost, poor fellow. Of course, had I been talking to his father, he wouldn't have batted an eye, and probably would have answered in Italian, Turkish, etc.

Wet, heavy snow packs nicely, but I was NOT trying to build a snowman.