February 22nd, 2004


Chapter 2 Reaction

After finally finishing Chapter 2 in Language and Learning: The Home and School Years by Terry Piper, I have decided that I am NOT a native speaker of English, at least the way she represents it. In one place in there (p.31), she says that her examples are from mid-East coast United States and much of eastern Canada. Yet, I don't KNOW what that sounds like. Our announcers from nearly anywhere in the US now use midwest standard, which I am familiar with.

Maybe that is why I continue to have trouble with the examples for speech. One activity wants us to find the set that does not belong and explain why.

Set I
fix, fax
mix, max
firm, farm
kitsch, catch

Set II
dimple, pimple
dump, pump
dare, pair
day, play

show, stow
shine, sine
shine, sign
shell, sell

Any of you HEAR a difference? I can FEEL a difference in where my tongue goes on the r in firm and farm giving the r sound a different twist, but in the other two lists, I can't HEAR any change even after locating two position differences. Talk about frustrating.

In the second set, even after feeling my tongue in a different place in the r, I can't hear it.

In set three, the same is true of the l sound. I hear NO CHANGE even though my tongue goes closer to my front teeth when I say sell.

This will NOT become an area I decide to do my dissertation on, should I ever get that far!

The Ten Commandments in Cajun...

When you were born just 60 miles from New Orleans, you're bound to have relatives who send you stuff like:

The Ten Commandments in Cajun... (Keeps it REAL Simple)

1. God is number one... and das' All.
2. Don't pray to nuttin' or nobody... jus' God.
3. Don't cuss nobody... 'specially da Good Lord.

4. When it be Sabath... pass yo'self by God's House.
5. Yo mama an' yo daddy dun did it all... lissen to dem.

6. Killin' duck an' fish, das' OK.. people - No!

7. God done give you a wife... sleep wit' jus' her.
8. Don't take nobody's boat... or nuttin' else.

9. Don't go wantin' somebody's stuff.
10. Stop lyin'... yo tongue gonna fall out yo mouf!

And, YES, I can play that dialect in my head! Talk about a GREAT VOWEL SHIFT!

The Case of the Deadly Sponge Mop

Jess showed up Saturday. He'd dropped his house mate off at work, as the poor dear tried to dodge a deer, flipping the truck into the ditch, first going head over axles, then rolling twice more sideways. Since he wanted to go home in time to pick him up, he was here quite a while.

We were in and out and about 3:30, the little possum the neighbor had tried to shoot was out at the side of the porch steps. He should have stayed nocturnal, but I've been feeding in daylight to lessen the chance of feeding so much wildlife I don't want around.

Jess popped his head back in and said, "The possum's back. Do you want me to kill it for you?"

"If you can."

He grabbed a MOP, and proceeded to bash it to death, destroying the mop in the process. He announced that this one was a male. I told him the female was three times his size.

"They're generally bigger."

He says Raven's gaining (he looks the same to me, but I see him all the time) and that everyone else is in good shape.

Now that my own hay is gone, I am anxious that any other people's hay I bring in not have harbored Possums, but there's really no way to tell except when one of the horses that ate the hay gets sick, which can be YEARS later. Yikes!