January 11th, 2004


Fantasia Now Gone

Robin stopped by Saturday at noon to turn over the cash she got paid for Fantasia, the mare who has been over at her house more the last five years than at mine. We both got to grieve for her going, but at least she is to have a 14 year old girl to learn to love and teach to ride. Her life should be posher, too, as she will have a private three acre pasture, a stall, and will be the only horse there. The father of the family is a decent rider and got along great with her.

They came down last Saturday, which was cold, cold, cold, and tried her out. The young girl didn't get to ride as long as the mother. The mother, who is scared of horses, is the one we are betting Fantasia makes the biggest change in. She's such a lovely old mare with the super disposition normal to Jay Dee's offspring, so we're hoping to hear good reports as she settles in.

A cash sale is certainly nice, for a change, too. I might be able to get the rest of the vet bill cleared. I'm not sure just how much that last visit when two of them were here for several hours, will run. The spring trip was $750, but we gave spring shots, as well.

The Alabama deal on Colonel Ray crashed due to Christmas expenses. Maybe at income tax time...Let's hope so.

With 29 head still here on the farm, I'm not running out. It would be far easier to just SELL the horses, if they weren't my children. The adoption requirements are pretty stringent. I have to wear my business hat to get the job done at all.