January 5th, 2004


Last Free Day

The weather is now so cold that I wish I could just hibernate. The cold really makes that tooth ache.

I called the sheriff's office to see if it were sensible to try to drive to Des Moines to go to the oral surgeon to have it pulled. My appointment is at 2 pm.

The roads are either snow packed or icy, but if I go slowly, I should be okay. He came up with that after checking the level of pain.

I've lost my driver, however. No way she'll do it on those types of roads.

So, I wanted to get the driveway cleared so I could use the little car instead of the truck, which is light in the rear end on ice. The fellow who plows has to warm up his tractor, and estimated he could do it by noon. That would be just about straight (good weather) driving time from here to the dentist's... It remains to be seen if he actually gets here by then. ARRGGH!

The Trip to the Dentist

I called the local sheriff's office and checked on the roads, which were icy to snow packed. The officer said if I went slowly and was careful, I could make it. So then I called Larry about 7 am and told him about needing the driveway plowed so I could keep my appointment. He suggested he could get there by noon, so I started talking to him again. I needed to leave by 11 to allow extra time for slow driving. He got me unplugged with just one path, for the car, which was what I planned to take.

He had trouble with the DIESEL fuel, and that was why he just did one little path. I think I was also having trouble with the fuel -- even though the car had been plugged in, it wouldn't start. So, I took the truck and punched through the rim where the snow had overflowed from the edge of the plow. Not to worry -- that truck is, well, a truck. Down the drive I went and from 25 to 65 (legal limit around part of Des Moines by Indianola, where the road was 100% clear), got to Des Moines at 1:45. By the original appointment time of 2:30, I was in the chair being numbed. By five after 3, I was out.

I have a wad of gauze I press down on for two hours, (changing it every hour) and take some tylenol before the numbing wears off, and don't suck, etc. eat something cold, no sharps, etc. for 24 hours.

The superintendent called to say we're going two hours late tomorrow. That's nice, and even nicer to know it ahead of time.