November 24th, 2003


Not Contented Any More

After positive progress yesterday for the first time in a while, I was feeling pretty contented with the progress of my novel, but when I went to put what I'd already done into one long file, in order, this morning, I also re-read.

And discovered that I'd repeated over 1400 words, in batches of 705, under two different headings. One entire scene was omitted. Not sure it is anywhere saved on the computer at school, in fact, pretty sure it is NOT, I changed it into one entry that interrupts the time line as currently dated, but has 1200 some words in it.


Better now than when I go to validate my novel's words at the tail end...

The week's hay is set out, and the clothes are washed and hung to dry, but the stack of papers I brought home to grade is untouched. I'll put them off until Thanksgiving weekend...

What a perfect excuse to procrastinate!