November 16th, 2003


What Type of a Writer Am I?

You're a pantser!
You're a pantser, someone who "writes by the
seat of her pants." You're the type of a
writer who has a brilliant story idea, and runs
with it. You're very creative, with the source
of your creativity in spontaneity. Outlines
bring you down, and you could never write a
story if you knew ahead of time how it was
going to end. You're a free spirit who writes
as whimsy inspires you without worrying overly
much what others will think.

What Kind of a Writer Are You?
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Ever since I had my molar worked on Thursday, I've been behind, both at school and in my novel. Who'd believe a toothache could throw me that far off?

I thought I'd get caught up Friday, then Saturday, but here it is Sunday evening, and I just finished my Saturday words. (And putting the electric wire fence back around the front yard stallion, who could have left any time he'd felt like it the way it was.) The week's worth of hay is hauled, and some more is on line for delivery over Thanksgiving, but I am going to have a problem this winter if I can't line up more, and the cash to pay for it. (Be nice to sell a few to accomplish both goals at once...)

How Fares the Nano Novel?

26656 goal

In the Desert -- The Interview Word Count: 1040
In the Desert -- Alone at Last Word Count: 1894
In the Desert -- The Prince's Return Word Count: 1410
In the Desert -- The Tent Word Count: 2191
In the Desert -- Salvation? Word Count: 1465
In the Desert – Recognized Word Count: 1777
In the Desert -- Frying Pan Word Count: 1077
In the Desert -- Hot Water Word Count: 590
In the Desert -- The Escape! Word Count: 1754
In the Desert -- A Helping Hand Word Count: 2773
In the Desert -- It's a Wonderful Place Word Count: 1850
In the Desert -- The Visit -- Part IV Word Count: 1879
In the Desert -- The Visit, Part III Word Count: 536
In the Desert -- The Visit, Part II Word Count: 2521
In the Desert -- The Visit Word Count: 1976
In the Desert -- The Birth Word Count: 1977
Total Words 26793