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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
10:05p - How Fares the Nano?

Today, I wrote pure unadulterated FILLER after editing lightly and increasing the words in yesterday's. The DEUS EX MACHINA was in force today, too.

19992 goal

In the Desert -- Salvation? Word Count: 1461
In the Desert – Recognized Word Count: 1777
In the Desert -- Frying Pan Word Count: 1077
In the Desert -- Hot Water Word Count: 590
In the Desert -- The Escape! Word Count: 1754
In the Desert -- A Helping Hand Word Count: 2773
In the Desert -- It's a Wonderful Place Word Count: 1850
In the Desert -- The Visit -- Part IV Word Count: 1879
In the Desert -- The Visit, Part III Word Count: 536
In the Desert -- The Visit, Part II Word Count: 2521
In the Desert -- The Visit Word Count: 1976
In the Desert -- The Birth Word Count: 1977

#12 in Iowa

LOL! I just went to the official NANOWRIMO site and found that I was #1304 in the rankings! YIKES!

Fallen to # 1345 today.

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