October 19th, 2003


Four New Geldings, Pandemonium Style

The 9:00 appointment morphed into an 11:00+ actual arrival date, and the dread deed was not done until 1:30. So it goes in an emergency-sensitive business.

The dog was not around to enjoy the Rocky Mountain Oysters, which she used to catch in mid-air once she figured out what was going on... But I noticed by evening that they had all disappeared, although not a barn cat showed its face while the ruckus was going on.

The four, not immediately aware that breakfast was late for a reason, came up sniffing and curious, following me into the barn, but the instant the odd clanking began behind the wall, out they popped before I could get to the door behind them. It wasn't long before the little heads reappeared, everyone stood still, and they were trapped in the double stalls. But they had their heads up, and their eyes wide. I opened the door into the tack room, and DEBE SER PANDEMONIUM, (Must Be Pandemonium) the most curious and boldest of the bunch, came right on in.
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