October 3rd, 2003


Morning Doggrel

Time to go, and here I sit
One sock on and one sock off,
Reading my e-mail, which I MUST quit...

My mind's all a'flutter
Two socks on, top still bare,
Mind stuffed full of useless clutter

No help for it!
Hair's clean, but wet, so back is too,
While I'm still wet, new bra's too tight to fit...

What to do? What to do?
New bean fusia waits to be donned
Old bra, old sag, so what else is new?

I'm Gonna Be LATE!

Happy Doggrel to you this a.m.

My Sister's Strange Sight

Yesterday we had a HARD frost with a low of 19:-(

Yesterday on the way home the streets and yards were COVERED with GREEN leaves. They didn't even turn this year, just fell by the thousands.

When I drove into the neighborhood where there's little traffic, the whole street and yards on both sides were thick with green leaves. I've never seen this before:-)

Just thought I'd share:-)