September 18th, 2003


Stormy Weather

Mother wrote, "Toni's water broke and hour ago, 7:30 their time. She is heading for the hospital with labor pains. Prayer is asked for. She uses natural birth. Will keep you posted."

Horses foaled during storms (they always foal in storms, if available) are inevitably named "Stormy". Hopefully, if Tonia decides to do that, she'll have a GIRL and call her Isabel! Are they far enough inland for the storm not to be a problem? Yes, surely, LET US PRAY!

Another Birth

Well, Isabel's definitely out unless they are in "A Boy Named Sue" mode... 12:30 am, 7 1/2 pound male, easy birth.

When Bonnie wewnt home at 3:30 am, no lights, so the gang went to Toni's which still had them. Weird. The two houses are only a mile or so apart, same housing development...