August 30th, 2003


Awsome AWSOM

Every once in a while, Jess gets a wild hair about showing. He has always chickened out in the past, however.

Not today. He said he couldn't sleep last night, he was so excited, and didn't dare eat any breakfast for fear it would come up.

Awsom Pandemonium (ROL Raven x Gai Carousel), a BROODMARE with both old and new scars, went into the aged mare class and was second out of five. Jess accidentally went into the amateur class, where there were 9, and was second in that, too. Then he came back for the Grand and Reserve Championship judging, and she's Reserve Show Champ, too. Not bad for her first time in the ring, his first time in the ring, a fresh barb wire cut on her chest, and one foal on the ground.

The judge was Ed Sutton from New York, and Jess said he was really a leg man, taking an extra good look both front on and from the side.

Jess has been conditioning her for a mid-September Competitive Trail ride, and decided to do the halter stuff on a whim because "she looks so buff". He's picked out a race horse in Michigan to be her next paramour, and came back from a recent visit that included his first horse race (he is truly smitten and now wants to train and condition race horses). "You breed RACE horses!" he told me when he got back.

"No, I breed ATHLETIC horses, who are good enough to do whatever odd event their new owners decide to turn their heads toward."

Now he's boarding in a public stable and was conditioning Awsom seriously to compete in a competitive trail ride until he found out he had to stand up for a friend at their wedding that day.

"People keep telling me you can't breed pretty and athletic both."

"They told me the same thing. Even the days when Jay was Grand Champion at halter and high point performance horse at the same time. Even when he went into the 880 standing free start, jumped off the track due to rider error, jumped back on the track due to rider pig-headedness and a total disregard for the safety of my horse, and still won."

"But that was a partbred."

"But they all were selected by the same owner, who valued that freedom of movement, and bred to keep it, in spite of the trend to separate the Arabian into many different mini-breeds, to specialize. 'Here's my champion halter horse. And this is my English Pleasure horse.' Always drove me wild. Here's my HORSE. This is what I DO with it."

One announcer understood my breeding program. He once announced, "I think that mare's been entered in every event, even the women's cigar race. Oh, that one wasn't offered." (Halter in the early am, jumping, dressage, western pleasure, hunt AND saddle seat English, parade, show horse, trail horse, reining, western riding, three gaited, and slopping around through the muck in gymkhana events when he made his remark.) That mare got a PtHA Championship and ROM's in six events before I sold her, within three points in two more. She was NOT an enjoyable ride on the trails, however, but when given the chance to run in one of those free-for-alls, she did NOT come in last, as I predicted...

When Awsom's full sister, Pandemonium Coqet, was showing, she was not gingered, and not whipped, and won some of the time anyway, which caused a lot of people to start showing without waving their whips and gingering, (as, obviously, that was WHY my horse was winning, right?) So I asked Jess how Awsom went. (They "die" with repeated exposure to the situation, getting accustomed to the hoopla, and say, "Ho, hum. Been here, done this," and don't even put their tails up or look proud any more.

"She's in heat, so she stayed hot." Ginger? Who needs it!

Jess got the farm he was trying to buy, sold Pandemonium Shalom for cash (which helped him get the farm) and then got his first three ribbons in the show ring, all within one week. He's on a roll.

So, how's he taking it? "I have to go now. I have to eat breakfast." (Men really DO think with their stomachs, once they calm down enough.)

New One

When I called Robin to tell her about Jess's show wins, she was not "running around". She was in the hospital... and she was right, she WAS carrying a girl this time, who arrived at 2:30 this morning, and is named Emma Audrey. So, she's not at 7 and 7/8 any more, like we were teasing her, but a full 8. (Jess being in the middle of a pack of eight, just thinks it is horrible that Robin has that many, too, but as I pointed out to him, SHE WANTED THEM, so it isn't quite the same thing.)