August 27th, 2003


Radio Support

In an answer to another post, I stated that the Iowa law requires 180 days of student participation in their education between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Ever since the law was enacted, schools have applied for, and received, a waiver to begin early.

I knew the schools in southern Iowa all did it regularly. My pointed question was, "Which is hotter on average, May or August?"

Today on the WOI-fm news, a legislator from Chariton (25 miles north of my farm, but still WELL into the south, being in the second tier of counties above Missouri) asked just that question. But he had access to facts I did not.

Of the 375 school districts in Iowa 350 of them apply, and are approved, annually. He wants to form a commission to look into it. (Other proposals would give the amount of student time BY THE MINUTE, so if you took off two weeks of afternoons, you would have to add them back into the contact with student equation someplace. Last summer, which was COOL, the town of Corydon announced in the newspaper early in August that the first two weeks of school (that part BEFORE Labor Day) would be half days only. We went full time those two weeks.

Everyone just shakes their collective heads. What ARE we about??? I, of course, not sitting in an air conditioned office, favor either school at times with temperatures conducive to good learning, OR buildings that can maintain such temperatures where the STUDENTS are expected to work.

Oh. what a heretic I am! Maybe the DOE employees responsible for granting those waviers ought to "shadow" a potential drop out in one of the southern tier schools for a day of school held prior to Labor Day. While dressed to meet the school dress code.

Yesterday, I saw a youngster running around in a thick, long sleeved, hooded sweatshirt- the kind that is generally worn as a jacket.

"Are you keeping warm enough?" a classmate asked him.

"It was all I could find that was clean."

At this point, the coach standing near-by offered him a T-shirt, which he turned down. He wore that thing the entire day, until we got out at 1:30. We get out today at 1:30, too. We are yet to have a full day of classes with students.

Good Hunter/Trapper Wanted

If your motto is "Have Trap, Will Travel", have I got a deal for you! (Or even "Have Gun... " if you are careful.)

My skunk is back. He is over a foot long and has another foot of tail. He was 1/2" from my front door when I got home last night. When I flashed the headlights on him, he walked down all four steps to the ground, then nonchalantly meandered around the corner of the trailer.

That's just a bit more "kissing cousin" than I want to be with some of the local wild life!