August 22nd, 2003



Today's burning question: If a person gets lost in a trackless wilderness, can the world's greatest tracker find him or her?

What do you think?


I'm taking a class on how to prepare a teacher portfolio from the gal in charge of things departmental in our AEA.

I retire in eight and 3/4 years, but will have to renew once more before then, so this credit counts.

Our first assignment is to collect 10 pieces of evidence in support of our teaching skills.

I want to use one of the AR book quizzes I authored, if I can figure out how to get a paper copy of it...they are created on line if you have to do them from scratch...

I copied a script the kids created, wrote, translated into Spanish, acted in, filmed, and then won when it was entered in the Area wide contest.

Then I used the video as well, as there were two sets of skills used. I'm short items if she doesn't think it is two things.

I used the grade rubric I created after the training I got this summer, and how it had to be adapted when I took it into the class.

Then I am using the infamous "Donkey Song" I teach to get them using the Spanish vowel sounds right. One High School age kid lost his semester test when he HUMMED it to a classmate across the room who was stuck on how to spell a word. I suggested he sound it out. (Spanish phonemic works.) As soon as he heard the tune, he smiled and wrote his word. The principal, also proctoring in that study hall, collected the hummer's paper and threw it in the waste can for cheating.

I never agreed with that.