August 12th, 2003



Mother wrote:

It is 7:25 AM.

The paper is in the house.
One had a cup of coffee.
One had a cup of tea with an English Muffin.
One is at the breakfast table eating cereal with fresh strawberries,
and I am sitting in front of the mail station, back straight, telling you two that the electricity being off for a short time yesterday while our new stove vent was installed caused the TOY not to connect with our WWW. Anything sent yesterday to that e-mail is waiting,
as I am..

Please pray for the family. Mostly Rosie and Mabelle.
Janet Agregaard Miller flew in yesterday. It is a free flight and only takes an hour.



One will be seeing the water closet lots, this morning, I think. The Irish used to say Himself the same way you are using One in that piece... I had to laugh.

How was Frank's service? Do you want this posted in motheremily? (I'll add what you put in earlier. I can put a notice on the actual day he died, then this on the day of the service, if you'd like. Just let me know.)

A light in the top of my ceiling where it is HIGH blew out, so I got on a chair and changed the bulb. Then I couldn't get the globe back on. I'd turn the screws backward as I came around to the opposite side, so I was always tightening one or two and loosening the third. My arms began to ache before I realized if I turned MY BODY, I could keep it all straight. I'm SO dyslexic!