August 2nd, 2003


The Good Old Days...

Stolen from ohiblather:
POLL: canoe trips, camping trips

Have you been on any? Did you like the experience? What trip was your favourite?

ExCamper (me):

We hiked, camped in the Rockies and more accessible places, went to church camps all through the growing up years...

Once, we held a family reunion in the mountains -- 50 people, only two not tied by kinship or marriage (Yet)... the oldest was 50, the youngest turned 5 on the trip.

It was a great idea, well-planned, and all that. I came in my VW beetle with the entire back seat full of supplies. As we were driving to the meadow that was base came, the "free range" part of the area caused a few encounters... A Hereford bull stood crosswise in the trail, chewing and swishing. We sat and waited him out until he felt good and ready to ample along. He was BIGGER than we were, car and all.

The camp site was across a meadow picturesquely dotted with Herefords, who basically ignored the campers, but as one of my sisters said when my aunt hollered, "Come on across, they won't charge", "I was afraid they would give it to me for free."
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