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pandemo's Journal

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
9:58p - Surprise!

I decided I wanted some cherry pie, so I bought one at Hy Vee. I can never eat their crusts, but it is a lot easier than making something myself -- generally.

Tonight, when I bit into it, t'was rhubarb! T'ain't fair! It's a 50 mile round trip to return it for what I REALLY wanted! I don't tolerate rhubarb well even when I'm expecting it.

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9:59p - Recovering

Raven must be recovering. Tonight, he came up as usual, but when he saw the medicine in my hand, he tried to walk off. I still got it given without putting a halter on him, or anything, so it's not a full scale rebellion... Just signs of life, ya' know?

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