June 24th, 2003


You Haven't REALLY Lived

Until you put in your nice new VHS tape of Pearl Harbor and discover it is subtitled in SPANISH! Well, looks like another one I'll take to school with me next fall.

You'd think I'd know to look for that by now. My sister did the same thing at Target once, getting a tape of Jumungi DUBBED into Spanish. Now seeing Robin William's mouth move for the English words while the Spanish words exit is pretty high up there on my list, too.

Take a Guess

One of the impulse purchases was a chocolate covered bismark, which was supposed to have a decadently heavenly Bavarian cream inside, but instead had some chocolate fluffy stuff that was truly NASTY.

I walked out onto the front porch with it in my hand. Instantaneously, three animals converged, looking for a hand-out: Mellow Yellow, the yellow and white super tom cat that walks around the pastures with me, Pandemonium Sweet Dreams, the nearly deaf Irish Setter who is riddled with cancer, and the front yard horse, Pandemonium Coqet, who is mowing the lawn for me.

Who ate it?